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Toys have had a great deal of impact on history and the type of toys that are widely available today. From classic wooden toys that are still popular choices among children to new electronic toys and robots, there are so many different product available on the market that have all been inspired from toys in history. For example, classic building blocks have come a long way over the past several decades. Now, children can enjoy building with Legos and Megablocks as well as wooden blocks. Other popular toys include Cabbage Patch dolls, barbies, G.I. Joe and

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Are you trying to find the hottest toys for your lovable pet? These popular yet challenging animal toys will bring your pet enormous happiness.

Laser Pet Toys

Laser pet toys will project a random pattern on a wall or floor that your cat can vigorously chase. Most of laser toys for pets can be set on automatic or manual mode.

Shreddable Bird Toys

The most popular shreddable bird toys are made from soft wood. Once you hang the shreddable toy inside the cage, your bird will have a blast climbing the

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Spending time together is an important part of being a family and keeping your relationships on a good level. Rather than sitting around watching television, playing video games, browsing the internet or participating in other activities that don’t give you enough time to talk with each other, set aside at least one day per week that the entire family will play with one another and truly spend some quality time together. Depending on your family’s interests, there are many different types of toys that you can play with

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There is no better way to bond with your children than outside playtime. Not only is it good exercise it is a great way to become closer as a family. Here are a few of the most popular 2012 best outdoor toys for children of all ages.

Air Hunter Z-Curve Bow – With the popularity of the movie “The Hunger Games” everyone wants to learn archery. The toy set comes with three kid-friendly arrows and a bow. For safety the arrows are made of soft

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Although it doesn’t seem like adults play with toys much, there are tons of adults out there who are “young at heart” and who enjoy playing with toys. Some of the best toys for adults can be used outside.

Swimming pools are great for adults who are young at heart. Not only can they play, do cannonballs and just have a good time, but they can also get great exercise from swimming as well. There are also tons of water-related toys, such as major squirt guns, that can really thrill

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Kids and toys go hand in hand as they grow up. As parents we end up spending a good amount of money to allow them to enjoy these toys and have a happy childhood. But, just what are the kids wanting these days? As technology grows and the internet age takes over it is easy for kids to find out about all sorts of TV shows and other popular things from around the world. Those discoveries, in turn, make the demand for some toys even higher.

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When it comes to toys, parents and kids want the best of the best. Although parents and kids may think differently about what makes a toy the best. Many parents concern themselves with toy safety, educational value, the entertainment factor to their kids and sometimes toy cost.
When shopping for the best toys for your toddler make sure to start in the right age group. Toys are usually classified by which age group they target. Toys that do not match a toddlers age and maturity appropriately will most likely not keep the

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Christmas 2012 is just around the corner. The joy of the holiday can quickly turn to sorrow when toys become the vice for accidents or death. Before heading out to shop, check your Christmas list twice removing toys that made the “Most Dangerous Toy List” for 2011.

Toys included were those with the potential to cause chocking, strangulation, electrocution or even puncture wounds. The toys making the 2011 list of “Most Dangerous Toys in America” were:

The Twist’n Sort by Guidecraft, Inc, 13.95, for children ages 3 and up. (Small parts can cause choking)

Power Rangers

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